8 maja, 2014
Mirage_jewels_Statuario Lunensis JW 12_previwe

Bathroom in marble with wood? Check it!

Mirage Jewels vs Wood in bathroom. Wood and marmur interior design

5 maja, 2014
Wood in bathroom

Bathroom in woods by Caesar

Wood in bathroom it is the biggest trend and desirable solution for the must discerning
11 maja, 2014
Cevica Good Vibes

Cevica – Good Vibes

One example of such tiles is the Good Vibes series from the Spanish company Cevica.
12 maja, 2014
bed with ceramica marrakech from cevica

Cevica – Marrakech

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6 maja, 2014
faps news

Color in bathroom on Cersaie 2019

One of the Fap's news from Italian Cersaie 2019

4 maja, 2014
Heater terma sanitary ceramic

Heaters as art! New trend of heaters

Modern design getting more brave. Bathroom heaters are like piece of art.
3 maja, 2014
Mirage tiles design for creative projects

Slabs and tiles for furnitures…

... countertops, workshops, tables, chairs.
7 maja, 2014
Mirage_jewels_Statuario Lunensis JW 12_previwe

Stone tiles with marmur tiles

Beautiful connection stone tiles with marmur tiles. Compare two modern series.