8 maja, 2014
Mirage_jewels_Statuario Lunensis JW 12_previwe

Bathroom in marble with wood? Check it!

Mirage Jewels vs Wood in bathroom. Wood and marmur interior design

5 maja, 2014
Wood in bathroom

Bathroom in woods by Caesar

Wood in bathroom it is the biggest trend and desirable solution for the must discerning
4 maja, 2014
Heater terma sanitary ceramic

Heaters as art! New trend of heaters

Modern design getting more brave. Bathroom heaters are like piece of art.
3 maja, 2014
Mirage tiles design for creative projects

Slabs and tiles for furnitures…

... countertops, workshops, tables, chairs.
7 maja, 2014
Mirage_jewels_Statuario Lunensis JW 12_previwe

Stone tiles with marmur tiles

Beautiful connection stone tiles with marmur tiles. Compare two modern series.

2 maja, 2014
deluxe devon devon

The most deluxe Italian armature, not for everybody!

Inspiration from Italians brands like Devon&Devon, Fantini, Neve, Newfrom, Ib rubinetterie.
9 maja, 2014

Two types of marbles together?

Mirage Jewels - Moonless JW 17 vs Statuario Venato JW14