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11 maja, 2014
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Cevica – Marrakech

bed with ceramica marrakech from cevica

cevica marrakech

Stylish Spanish tiles


Cevica Marrakech tiles are made of ceramic in a variety of colours and designs. First of all, it is necessary to point out the tiles hexagonal shape that can be used to arrange amazing-looking mosaics


Cevica ceramic tiles are very diverse. Customers get tiles of a differentiate colours. Customers can find such colours as beige, white, black and green among them. Marrakech Azul models in blue or Marrakech Granate are also available.


The Marrakech series also offers patterned Spanish tiles. These are very carefully made patterns depicting geometric variations made in vintage style. Patterned tiles are also available in many colours. Starting from green, through blue ending with black. These tiles are great for modern interiors. It will be a very good choice for a richly decorated bathroom or atmospheric living room. The Marrakech tile mosaic can be incorporated into the entire interior design, adding an interesting atmosphere to the room. It is not necessary to use these tiles in the whole room to implement some extraordinary climate.



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